An Introduction to:

An Introduction to: A Brightness Out of the Blue by Jill Atkins

When you’re at rock bottom… life can’t get any worse… you don’t see the point of carrying on… someone walks into your world and makes all the difference.

Ella is mourning her dead mother and suffering the cruelty of a new step-mother. But when Martha, an old lady, falls in the street and Ella helps her get home, she feels Martha’s strange magical power. Soon her life begins to change for the better.

A Brightness Out of the Blue is a beautiful modern-day fairytale with a twist in the tale.

Ella Sharma is 16 years old and life is pretty bleak. Having left home because of her volatile stepmother, she is currently living with three students (two of which she calls the Snob sisters), and working an underpaid job as a cleaner for which she isn’t appreciated. However, things begin to change when she meets Martha, a mysterious and enigmatic old woman who has a magical quality about her. As Ella spends time with Martha, and finds herself becoming increasingly infatuated with local rugby player Finn, we are caught up in a charming tale about love, hope and family. Brightness is one of those reads which is uncomplicated and enjoyable, weaving its way into your heart until you’re left smiling.

5 reasons to read A Brightness Out of the Blue

  • The protagonist is a Person of Colour! When mainstream literature is scarily white, to have a main character who isn’t, is so refreshing, especially when it doesn’t define her (as is the case here). Ella Sharma is a protagonist that young Asian girls can see themselves in.
  • The magical elements will have you utterly charmed.
  • The author uses flashbacks and letters in the novel, creating interest for the reader.
  • It’s a well-translated modernisation of the original story of Cinderella, updating it so that it’s relevant for the times.
  • The ending isn’t your typical fairytale ending (but it’s still happy) and this makes the text much better than if it was that predictable.



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