An Introduction to:

An Introduction to: Connor’s Brain by Malcolm Rose

Connor began his second life at the age of fifteen. He started it with a thirty-mile-an-hour brain.

Connor’s first life ended when a virus in his brain stripped him of almost everything – his memory, language and a sense of time.

Now Connor lives in a permanent present that he doesn’t understand.
The ‘new’ Connor doesn’t recognise or remember his parents, his brother, his friends – or his girlfriend Hattie.

New-Connor can’t remember the old Connor, but there are people who can.
People who have reasons to keep him quiet – or to hurt him.

Because old-Connor had a dark past.

At fifteen, Connor’s Brain was attacked by a devastating illness which stripped him of his memory. Malcolm Rose’s Connor’s Brain is absolutely thrilling, but is also a tragic tale centred on memory. The unfolding dark past of old-Connor keeps you engaged throughout, while also making you to feel sorry for the innocent new-Connor. This thought provoking text sheds new light on what it means to be you and ensures you are with the characters every step of the way as they face heartbreaking dilemmas. You will encounter a range of emotions, from anger to shock, laughter to tears, as the extent of Connor’s old, dark past is revealed.  A tale of love, loss, friendship and crime, Malcolm Rose’s latest novel invites you to discover if memory really is the only thing that defines who you are.

5 Reasons to read Connor’s Brain

  • Connor’s dark past unfolds rapidly, a shocking past that truly defies belief.

  • The dilemma faced by Hattie, Connor’s girlfriend, is heartbreaking and does lead you to wonder what you would do.

  • As Connor has to relearn language, you will laugh out loud at some of his replacements, you could probably count the laughs on your ‘eels’…

  • Connor’s Brain raises some wonderfully complex questions on memory and what it means to be you. Really poignant discussion points that will make you stop and think.

  • There is laughter, tears, anger and tragedy – this novel really does have it all.



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