An Introduction to:

An Introduction to: Dead Ed in My Head by Barbara Catchpole

Ed expected beautiful blond angels when he died. But instead he got stuck…
inside Tod’s head.

As if teenage life isn’t hard enough, Tod’s in serious trouble at school, home is a bit of a muddle, his Saturday job sucks, and he needs to find a way to get talking with That Fit Girl Down The Road.

They say age brings wisdom, but for Guns N’ Roses fan (and grumpy ex-wrinkly) dead Ed, being in Tod’s head offers a second chance to smoke, fight and party.

For Tod, having an old dead guy in his head is occasionally very useful, but Ed’s past is starting to catch up with Tod’s present.
Will Ed ever leave?

Because in one head, two’s a crowd.

At 70, Ed was dead. At 15 Tod was sharing his head with Ed. Great. Barbara Catchpole’s Dead Ed in my Head is a hilarious story unlike anything you will have ever read. Living through Tod’s most embarrassing moments, coupled with Ed’s funny, snide (and sometimes perverted) comments, this story will keep you laughing. While amusing, the novel also involves a thought provoking narrative about life-long regret, love and loss. You will find yourself encountering emotional highs and lows on this rollercoaster of a story. A tale of teenage angst and friendship, with a healthy dose of hilarity, Barbara Catchpole’s latest novel invites you to question what comes after death, and welcomes you into Tod’s jumbled head.

5 Reasons to read Dead Ed in My Head

  • Ed’s heartbreaking and foolhardy past is a sobering reminder that you should live life to the full. Live, love and rock!
  • This book is as far away from dull as Alton Towers is! Every single page will keep you laughing.
  • Barbara Catchpole’s subtle commentary on grief is both amusing and wise.
  • Dead Ed in my Head raises some wonderfully complex questions moral questions on the afterlife and on second chances.
  • This book smashes together lots of different genres and styles in a wonderfully chaotic way. You won’t want it to end!



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