Surf’s Up! Raven Hits the Waves With Award-Winning Australian Novel

We are so excited to announce the latest addition to Raven Books, heading to us all the way from sunny Australia! An absolute must-read this summer, Claire Zorns One Would Think The Deep reaches our shores in August.

It’s 1997 and Sam’s already-complicated life is turned on its head following the sudden death of his mum. Under the care of his estranged aunt, Sam rekindles friendship with his cousin Minty who teaches him to surf. Using the adrenaline rush as an escape, he takes to the sea when family wounds start to reopen and ghosts of the past refuse to stay hidden. But the ocean can only clear his head for so long and the time comes for Sam and his family to face their demons…

This compelling novel is so authentically Australian and poignantly-written, it transports you fully into the moment with Sam. Get a taste for Zorn’s exquisite writing with this extract from the blurb:

‘Sam stared at the picture of the boy about to be tipped off the edge of the world: the crushing weight of water about to pummel him. He knew that moment exactly, the disbelief that what was about to happen could even be possible. The intake of breath before the flood.’

One Would Think The Deep is Claire Zorn’s third YA novel, and has already won a number of awards in her native Australia, including the CBCA Book of the Yearand was short-listed for the prestigious Prime Minister’s Literary Award. Her two previous novels have also been Australian award-winning titles, and all three boast unique insights into complex contemporary issues, an impressive and rare achievement from an undeniably diverse author.

Watch this space for an exclusive review from a teen reader, but until then, take a look here at what others have to say about Zorn and her novels.

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