Raven Books is a fresh imprint of Ransom Publishing. Ransom has been an independent publishing house in the UK for 20 years now, being one of the key contributors in their field of titles for struggling and reluctant readers. They’ve established strong relationships with children’s authors such as Malcolm Rose, Rosemary Hayes and Barbara Catchpole, all of whom have now also written titles for this new imprint.

After two decades of releasing specialist material, Ransom have decided to start Raven to reach this new emerging market of ¬†avid Young Adult readers. This is because Ransom believe that everyone deserves the chance to read, and every young person deserves to have titles on the shelves that appeal to their individual needs and interests. Although in the past they have focused especially on providing for those who don’t usually like reading, they know and understand that some teenagers do already love reading, and they need exciting new content too! And thus, Raven Books was born.

Based in a beautiful corner of South England, Raven works to provide exciting, contemporary reads for Young Adult audiences, and will hopefully continue to do so for years to come.

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