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This page is an extensive list of every title that Raven has published, from the most recent to the very first Raven book. As well as book descriptions, this is also the place to find links to buy our books! This page will be updated whenever Raven publishes a new title, so come back regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest YA fiction! You can also find these, as well as the other titles released by our parent company Ransom, on the Ransom website.

COMING AUGUST 2018: One Would Think The Deep by Claire Zorn


Sam has always had things going on in his head that no one else understands. And now his mum is dead, it’s worse than ever.

With nothing but his skateboard and a few belongings in a garbage bag, Sam goes to live with the strangers his mum cut ties with seven years ago: Aunty Lorraine and his cousins Shane and Minty. Despite the suspicion and hostility facing him in his new home, Sam reverts to his childhood habit of following Minty around. Soon he is surfing with Minty to cut through the static fuzz in his head, but the secrets of the past refuse to stay hidden and not even the ocean offers relief for long. What happened seven years ago that caused such a rift? Why won’t anyone tell him who his father is? How can Sam feel any sense of belonging when he doesn’t know who he is?

And if things weren’t complicated enough, there’s also this girl…


Chapter Sample coming soon…


Taken by Rosemary Hayes

IMG_3474 (2)

Four years ago, Kelly’s Dad disappeared, apparently having taken his own life. His family are left devastated and are only just beginning to move on. Then, one day, Kelly thinks she sees him again. She and her new friend Jack decide to find out more about her dad’s background. They find themselves sucked into a murky, dangerous world where nothing is as it seems. What really happened to Kelly’s dad? Who can Kelly and Jack trust? And why does Gran refuse to talk about Dad?



The Stone Balancer by John Townsend


Fin’s fourteenth summer, at home by the sea in August, should be idyllic – but it isn’t. He’s a keen stone balancer, spending hours alone on the beach, and this makes him the only witness to an apparent murder on the cliff.

A missing woman, his mother’s illness and the brooding presence of a predatory uncle all crash in on Fin’s quiet world. Pursued and forced into hiding, Fin and his new (and only) friend must do all in their power to solve a sinister mystery before time runs out once and for all.



A Brightness Out of the Blue by Jill Atkins


Ella’s life is not what she expected it to be. She has a rotten job, her mum has died and she has lost contact with her dad. But she still manages a small kindness in helping an old lady home. Little does Ella know that this small gesture will lead to her discovering a better life.

An exciting take on the traditional tale of Cinderella, A Brightness Out of the Blue is a bewitching combination of optimism, hope and extraordinary magic.



Scarred Lions by Fanie Viljoen


Buyisiwe feels like a stranger in London, where he grew up. Then he receives terrible news: his mother can’t take care of him anymore. He must join the father that he has never met, in Africa.

But Africa is not what Buyisiwe expected. It’s a place of beauty, splendour, magnificent animals – and danger. Soon he finds his path tangled with that of a scarred, man-eating lion. The hunt is on…


Connor’s Brain by Malcolm Rose


Connor began his second life at the age of fifteen. His first life ended when a virus in his brain stripped him of almost everything – his memory, language, and a sense of time. Now Connor lives in a permanent present that he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t recognise or remember any of his family or friends.

New-Connor can’t remember the old Connor, but there are people who can. People who have reasons to keep him quiet – or people who have reason to hurt him. Because old-Connor has a dark past.



The Secret Code Menace by Pamela Cosman


Sara, Daniel and Jared have devised their own secret code to communicate with each other. But when one of their secret messages is tampered with, Sara finds herself in serious trouble.

So begins the search for a way to protect their secret messages from outside changes. When the trio are caught up in a real life bank robbery, their private code suddenly takes on an urgent reality.

(note: As this is part of Ransom’s Cold Fusion collection, this title may appeal more to MG readers rather than YA)


The Outer Reaches Quartet by Malcolm Rose
Includes: Body Harvest, Lethal Outbreak, Fatal Connection and Blood and Bone.


A series of fast-paced thrillers from acclaimed writer Malcolm Rose, author of the best-selling Traces series. Mixing science-fiction and hard science with forensic crime and great storytelling, the narratives take place in a world inhabited by two distinct humanoid species: the majors and the outers. Teenage detectives Troy Goodhart (an intuitive major) and Lexi Four (a more analytical outer), are challenged by a series of mysterious and gruesome crimes.


Body Harvest

Three dead bodies, all with the parts missing. Somebody is killing with a purpose. Troy and Lexi enter a complex, dark world of deception.


Lethal Outbreak

Three dead scientists in a sealed, high-security laboratory. They were studying an unknown substance brought back from the planet Mars. Is it an accident – or could it be murder?


Fatal Connection

Four victims, four terrible deaths from mercury poisoning. A coincidence? Troy and Lexi suspect murder, but the victims had nothing in common. If it is murder – then what’s the connection?


Blood and Bone

A van is found crashed and abandoned with a cargo of brains, bones, blood and eyeballs on board. It’s animal, not human, body parts, but even so – who is responsible?


The Secret Message by John Townsend

51C-+1xyEHLIn the attic of his house, Sam finds a leather case that belonged to his great great grandfather, Freddy Ovel. The case contains a diary, and as Sam begins to read it, he is taken right back to just before the First World War, when Freddy was a boy. Sam also finds a photograph and discovers that at his age, Freddy was his exact double.

The diary unlocks more than just the events of the war, however. Sam discovers there is much more to ‘Freddy’ than meets the eye – not only heroic wartime deeds and terrible injuries, but also some very dark secrets indeed.

This poignant story, spanning a century, is a perfect way to remember the outbreak of the first great war of our times.

(note: As this is part of Ransom’s Cold Fusion collection, this title may appeal more to MG readers rather than YA)


Paupers by Mary Chapman


Lydia Maddison and her family have nowhere to go. Their father has left them – and left them with nothing. So begins their time at the workhouse, as paupers, in Victorian England.

It’s a hard way to live: families are separated, talking is forbidden and there is little food and plenty of hard work. Lydia’s son Tom and his sister Rose need to summon all their strength and ingenuity to survive – especially as Rose has a baby of her own to look after.

What does the future hold for the Maddison family?

(note: As this is part of Ransom’s Cold Fusion collection, this title may appeal more to MG readers rather than YA)


Never Odd or Even by John Townsend


Eliot thinks outside the box. He can’t help it. Numbers are his thing – and letters, too. So when the biggest mystery to strike his school in the history of the world needs to be solved, Eliot is the one to call on.

Can you solve the mystery and find out who did it before Eliot does? This time the solution isn’t in the real world (the ‘real’ world of the story). Instead it’s inside the book itself – locked away in a series of puzzles.

Can you find the clues, solve the puzzles and find the culprit?

(note: As this is part of Ransom’s Cold Fusion collection, this title may appeal more to MG readers rather than YA)